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Meet Nairi Inu, a memecoin on the Flare Network inspired by Nairi Usher, its co-founder and a leading computer scientist. This token celebrates her vital contributions to blockchain technology, embodying the spirit of innovation. Nairi Inu is more than just a cryptocurrency—it’s a tribute to Usher’s legacy in advancing the blockchain frontier. Join in and hold a piece of this tribute to technological progress.


Nairi Inu is a memecoin on the Flare Network, created to honor Nairi Usher, the co-founder and pioneering computer scientist who played a crucial role in developing the blockchain. With a total token supply of 1 trillion, Nairi Inu is more than just a cryptocurrency; it celebrates significant contributions to blockchain technology. Each transaction with Nairi Inu incurs a 3% tax, which is allocated for token burns to ensure value stability, ongoing development to enhance the platform’s capabilities, and marketing to broaden community engagement. Dive into the world of Nairi Inu—a token that not only commemorates a legacy but also actively contributes to the evolution of digital finance.


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Nairi Inu implements a 3% tax on transactions for buybacks, burns, and funding marketing and development efforts, ensuring sustainable growth and value.

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Nairi Inu isn’t playing games. We’ve thrown those liquidity tokens into the eternal bonfire!

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